Family FAR1

FHY3 (far red elongated hypocotyl) and FAR1 (Far red-impaired response) are transcription factors that have separable DNA binding and transcriptional activation domains that are highly conserved in Mutator-like transposases, act as transcription factors essential for activating the expression by directly binding to a CACGCGC motif present in the promoters of FHY1 and FHL (for FHY1-like), whose products are required for light-induced phytochrome A nuclear accumulation and subsequent light responses. FHY3, FAR1, and Mutator-like transposases also share a similar domain structure, including an N-terminal C2H2 zinc finger domain, a central putative core transposase domain, and a C-terminal SWIM motif (named after SWI2/SNF and MuDR transposases, of the sequence CxCxnCXH, where x stands for any amino acid residue). The N-terminal C2H2 domain has been shown to be involved in direct DNA-binding, while the transposase domain and C-terminal SWIM motif are required for transcriptional activity (PMID:18715961).

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