Whole Genome Sequence Resources

National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI)

Sequence for two Camelina sativa whole genome sequence projects are hosted by NCBI. The reference sequence was submitted by Agriculture & AgriFood Canada, and is referred to here as the Prairie Gold Project. Most of the sequence from this project was assembled and mapped to chromosomes.

Draft sequence from a second Camelina whole genome project was submitted by Penn State University. Reads were assembled into 15,937 scaffolds.

The NCBI Taxonomy Browser page for Camelina summarizes Camelina resources in NCBI databases.

Prairie Gold Project

The Prairie Gold Project generated the reference genome for Camelina. More information about the project and sequence downloads can be found at camelinadb.ca. Their site also hosts a GBrowse genome browser and a BLAST server.

Camelina Genome Portal

The Camelina Genome Portal host scaffold sequences generated by the Carlson Lab at Pennsylvania State University group. Arabidopsis homologs of Camelina genes are provided.

Transcription Factor Resources

Plant Transcription Factor Database

The version 4 release (July 21, 2017) contains 5405 TF classified into 58 families.

iTAK - Plant Transcription Factor & Protein Kinase Identifier and Classifier

Transcription factors, transcriptional regulators, and protein kinases.

AGRIS - Arabidopsis Gene Regulatory Information Server

A resource for Arabidopsis promoter sequences, transcription factors and their target genes.

GRASSIUS - Grass Regulatory Information Server

GRASSIUS provides a public web resource related to the control of gene expression in the grasses.

Other Gene Expression Resources

The Bio-Analytic Resource for Plant Biology (BAR)

BAR includes a Camelina eFP Browser that displays data derived from Camelina sativa developmental transcriptome study (Kagale et. al., The Plant Journal, (2016) 88:879-894). This tool allows investigators to see which tissues a gene is expressed in at user specified signal thresholds.